Shatadam Kalpa
General Health
₹ 385 
Rasayan for the shukra dhatu and ojas. Offers nourishment and strengthens the immune system. Shatadam has all the qualities of Shatavari Kalpa combined with the benefits of high quality Almonds. Excellent for students and management executives.
Indications  General debility, loss of vitality, fatigue.
Dosage Form    Kalpa
Dose 5-10 g (approx. 1 - 2 Tsp) twice a day with warm milk or as directed by the physician.
Pack Size  200 g, 400 g
Contains Shatavari, Ashwagandha (Askand), Badam (Almond) , Pimpali, Shunthi (Sunth), Miri (Marich), Velchi, Dalchini, Sharkara (sulphur free Cane Sugar)