Avipattikar Churna


A special blend of Ayurvedic herbs, used for quick relief from acidity and indigestion. Very effective against headache, upset stomach, acidity due to late nights or hangovers.

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Hyperacidity, indigestion, headache due to excessive pitta.

Product description

Light brown Powder

Dosage Form



1 tsp. after food with ghee, milk or water 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician.

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60 g


Sharkara (sulphur free Cane Sugar), Nishottar, Lavang (Cloves), Shunthi (Sunth), Miri (Marich), Pimpali, Amla (Amalaki), Hirda (Haritaki), Behada (Bibhitak), Bid Lavan, Musta (Nagarmotha), Tamalpatra (Tejapatri), Velchi, Vidang (Vavdinga)