Digestion Tablet
₹ 160 
Improves the digestive fire, digests aam, enables proper absorption of food. Recommended for daily use. Indicated in cases of flatulence, indigestion, nausea, abdominal distensions and constipation. 
Indications  Flatulence, indigestion, nausea, abdominal distension, constipation.
Dosage Form  Tablets
Dose 1 Tablets twice a day after meals or as directed by the physician.
Pack Size  30 / 60 tablets
Contains Shunthi (Sunth), Miri (Marich), Pimpali, Hing shuddha, Chincha Kshar, Saindhava Lavan, Bid Lavan, Samudra Lavan, Sambhara Lavana, Shankha Bhasma, Lemon Juice (for bhavana)