Digestion and Liver
₹ 250 
Punarnava is well-known for its quality to improve liver and kidney function. Indicated in cases of water retention, reduced urine output, oedema related to heart disorders.
Indications  Urinary problems, Oedema, Swelling
Dosage Form    Asava
Dose 10 ml (approx. 2 tsps) mixed with 2 tsps of warm water, twice a day after food or as directed by the physician.
Pack Size  400 ml
Contains Atibala, Punarnava, Kantakari (Ringani), Chitrak, Dantimul, Guduchi (Gulvel), Patha, Vasa (Adulsa)-patra, Dhayati-pushpa, Dalchini, Miri (Marich), Nagakeshar, Tamalpatra, Vala, Velchi, Honey (Madhu), Jaggery (Gud)