Shri Gita Tarot with Book
Tarot Cards based on Bh. Geeta
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(A set of 61 divine cards) (2012 English & Marathi)
Human life has many questions. When one comes to a situation which requires one to act with special courage, like a decision that will take one into unknown territory, along a new road, one feels at a loss. Answers to such large question leads only to another question. There is only one answer to such a question - that it must be left up to the Manager of the World, it must be left up to God. This set has 61 cards. Each card has a verse. The translation of each verse and its meaning in Marathi and English has been provided. So that your self-reflection may find direction, the verses have been explained to a certain extent. Your question has been answered clearly in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ since you may not have the time or experience to deduce the answer yourself.