Santulan Panchakarma Treatment

The traditional Santulan Panchakarma is an intensive, residential cleansing and rejuvenation program devised to free the body of long lasting deposits and accumulated toxic substances. This deep cleaning of the tissues of the body becomes the foundation for further treatment, whether they are small ailments or more serious or chronic diseases. The Santulan Panchakarma also strengthens the overall immunity systems and recharges the body’s energy and nutrition channels. 

The Santulan Panchakarma includes:

  • Ayurvedic therapies
  • A saatvic vegetarian Ayurvedic diet
  • Yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises, meditation and music therapy
  • Lectures on Ayurveda and the art of Living
The Santulan Panchakarma’s main component consists of a deep internal and external lubrication with proprietary oil massages and supervised and controlled consumption of medicated ghee (clarified cow’s milk butter) to ensure that internal toxins and fat-soluble waste products are purged out of the body. The Panchakarma ghee drinking process helps release waste deposits at the cellular level so that they can be expelled. 
The body is prepared with steams and massages, which help to soften and mobilise internal channels for the ghee to take effect in an optimum fashion. The steam baths and massages continue during treatment to ensure the body moves the toxins to the intestines.
The next important phase in Panchakarma is purging the accumulated toxins, induced by ingesting a herbal decoction in a process called Virechan. The induced excretion leads to several bowel motions through the day but the patient does not experience loss of energy, while the entire system has been purged through a complete holistic cleansing process. 
Treatments thereafter are various kinds of Basti. They consist of medicinal oils or ghee being administered to various important organs or areas of the body depending on the individual patient’s need. These range from nose or eye bastis, to knee therapies, foot massages, shiro dhara or basti (bastis for the head and nervous system) and most importantly to enema bastis for various indivudal constitutions leading to intestinal bioremediation. Some relaxing treatments like facial and foot treatments round up the program. This is the basic 15 day Santulan Panchakarma Treatment. Further treatment and extensions are recommended on a case by case basis by the Ayurvedic doctor. There are specific treatments for heart, brain, nerves, ears, bones, joints, skin and abdomen. For these expanded programmes can be booked as 22 or 30 day Santulan Panchakarma.
For the optimum Santulan Panchakarma experience one should plan for a total stay of 5 weeks. A few days are recommended for acclimatization followed by the complete 30 day Santulan Panchakarma. You may need to stay a few days after formal treatment ends to adjust to normal food intake again. For those not suffering from serious disease, the 15 or 22 day program is adequate. For those who cannot make the time, a compressed Santulan Panchakarma for 10 days is possible, but only after consultation with our doctors. 

Santulan Panchakarma Package options :
10 days, 15 days, 22 days and 30 days.

The basic treatments include:

  •   Abhyanga

    A stimulating, strong but gentle massage. Detoxifying, deeply relaxing, enabling a harmonious flow of pran (vitalising energy) throughout the body.

  •   Svedan

    The application of oil on the body, followed by a steam bath. It allows toxins to be released from the cells, promoting relaxation of the muscles and the entire body.

  •   Antarsnehan

    Intake of a medicated ghee (clarified butter) that is absorbed throughout the body. It removes toxins, creating softness and elasticity throughout the body.

  •   Virechan

    Medication for the complete cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and bowels.

  •   Basti

    Medicated oil with a decoction of herbs is given as an enema to clean the colon and restore the muscle tone.

  •   Netra Basti

    A treatment to improve the eyesight. Used in the cases of conjunctivitis, glaucoma and helps to correct long/short-sightedness.

  •   Nasya & Health Consultation

    Thorough massage to the head, shoulders and neck, followed by the administration of a medicine through the nose. An effective therapy for sinus inflammations, disturbed memory, irritating sounds in the ear (e.g. tinnitus) and brain problems.

After this initial treatment, additional therapies are carried out according to the specific disease of the patient and length of the package. These therapies may include:

  •   Hrud Basti

    Especially rejuvenating for the heart. It helps in strengthening the heart muscle and increasing the strength and vitality of the organ. It helps in removing blockages in the arteries and improving circulation.

  •   Shiro Dhara

    A steady stream of warm oil is gently poured on the forehead, balancing the space element in the body. Induces deep relaxation and the sense of expansion.

  •   Sandhi Basti

    A special treatment for strengthening the bones and joints. Used to treat all types of arthritis.

  •   Karnapuran

    A gentle massage of the ears and surrounding area, followed by the administration of a warm medicated oil in the ears. Beneficial in treating ear problems.

  •   Kundalini Massage

    You are as young as your spine’, so the first step towards good health is having a healthy spine. This unique yogic massage technique was devised by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe, following many years of expertise in treating chronic back problems. Revitalises the spine and stimulates the circulation throughout the body.

  •   Spine Basti

    A localised basti given on the spine, for its strengthening and rejuvenation.

  •   Janu (Knee) Basti

    A warmed poultice consisting of a blend of special herbs is applied on the knees. This is a very effective therapy in the cases of joint degeneration, arthritis, rheumatism as well as increasing the flexibility of the joints.

  •   Head Massage

    This relaxing massage with Santulan Village Hair Oil helps to improve the circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. It improves the luster and the overall health of the hair. This specific therapy helps to relax the body completely and promotes a deep and sound sleep.

  •   Padabhyanga

    An ancient therapy which helps to remove the excessive heat and toxins in the body. In this process, the feet are first cleaned with warm water, followed by the application of a medicated ghee and foot massage using a special bowl (kansya - a bronze alloy). Gives many other remarkable results such as, opening the meridians in the body, pacifying vata dosha, enhancing memory, helping to improve the eyesight, helping to remove the burning sensation in the feet and eyes etc..

  •   Uttar Dhoop

    Smoke therapy for the female genital area. Beneficial for uterine health and treatment of mild and chronic infections.

Please note: In the case of some diseases, the therapies Uttar Basti, Pinda svedan, Spine Potli and Shiro Basti are advised which are charged separately.

Santulan Panchakarma Package
  • 10 Days - 12 treatments.*
  • 15 Days - 18 treatments.*
  • 22 Days - 25 treatments.*
  • 30 Days - 32 treatments.*
* Note: As some of the therapies are intensive and require rest between the therapies, the package includes occasional rest days. For the guests visiting us from overseas and suffering from chronic diseases, our doctor’s advise you to come two days before the Panchakarma therapy begins and stay one day afterwards.