You Are What You Eat​

The Santulan concept of diet and food is known as Annayoga. The meals are planned according to the different seasons of the year, considering the balance of vata, pitta and kapha doshas; the maintenance of agni (the digestive fire), the six different rasas (tastes) and ultimately, the seven dhatus (body tissues – from blood to vitality).

The meals are purely vegetarian and consist of a balanced Indian menu of rice, pulses, vegetables, soups, salads, etc. The guests are offered different planned menus for each day.

Organic Farming

Some of the fresh food includes our home grown organic vegetables, grains and fruits grown without the use of added chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

As natural, fresh milk is essential to good health cows are reared which provide the majority of the daily milk requirements for the village.

Yoga, Meditation & Healing Music

The ultimate aim in life is to attain peace and harmony for the body, mind and soul. To help in this process Santulan Kriya Yoga (SKY) and Meditation are an integral part of our daily programme. SKY sessions are offered every morning and are a well balanced routine of Kriyas, Pranayam, Stretching and Relaxation. The daily meditations take place in our “Aumkar Temple”. They include unique research-oriented healing music treatments. As a part of this, many live concerts have taken place in India and abroad, for many years.

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