Baby Massage Oil


Santulan Baby Massage oil is the ultimate top-to-toe care for your beloved baby. Deeply nourishing and calming, the coconut based oil is enriched with seventeen herbs specially curated for the baby’s delicate skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Nourishes the Dhatus (tissues of the body)
  • Complete care for delicate and soft baby skin
  • Strengthens muscles and bones
  • Improves blood circulation
  • For sound sleep and better sleep cycles
  • Empowers the immune system
  • An Ayurvedic formulation that nourishes and soothes the baby’s skin

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Santulan Baby Massage Oil

Santulan Baby Massage Oil is a unique outcome of meticulously collected wisdom from 5000 year old Ayurvedic manuscripts. With coconut oil as its base, this mild and pleasing oil is enriched with gulab-pushpa (Indian rose petals), kshir (milk) and herbs like Shatavari, Ananta, Nagkeshar. With 17 curated ingredients, This soothing, all natural oil protects and softens delicate skin to offer a radiant shine to your little one.

Why should you give your baby an oil massage?

The oil massage or tel-maalish ritual is highly praised in Kaumarabhrutya, a branch in Ayurvda devoted to child care. Regular oil massage strengthens and deeply nourishes all the body dhatus-tissues. The baby enjoys good mental and physical health and revels into a peaceful, sound sleep. The gentle and loving touch is wonderfully calming and re-assuring to the baby and helps to develop a strong bond.

Benefits of Regular Massage:

Deeply nourishing

A daily oil massage is ‘sarva-dhatu-poshak’ i.e. nourishes all the body tissues, to boost the baby’s growth and development.

Keeps skin soft and radiant

Baby Massage Oil leaves the skin feeling feather-soft with a healthy glow

Improves Blood Circulation

Oil massage improves the blood circulation keeping the baby more alert and playful

Strengthens muscle and bones

Regular massage tones the muscles and promotes growth of bones

Calming and relaxing

The loving touch re-assures the little one and relaxes the baby’s mind

Keeps small ailments away

Regular massaging is a health booster and protects the baby form cough and  cold

Improves sleep cycle

Impacts the sleep cycle positively and the baby enjoys peaceful and sound sleep, much to the relief of parents

Our authentic and time tested Baby Massage Oil is ideal for daily use all year round.


Brahmi, Shatavari, Gulab-pushpa (Rose-petals), Manjishtha, Prasarini (Chandvel), Amla (Amalaki), Atibala, Anant-mool (Sariva/Upalsari), Behada (Bibhitak), Gokshur, Vala, Halad (Haridra), Kapurkachari (Shati), Nagakeshar, Jatamansi, Punarnava, Coconut oil, Milk (Kshir)

How To Use:

All you have to do is warm the oil slightly (avoid warming on a direct fire, and massage your baby’s face, hands, legs and hair, leave it on for 10 minutes. Wipe away with a damp, warm cloth. As a general rule, avoid the eye and mouth area to avoid contact and ingestion.

Please Watch detailed video from Dr. Malvika Tambe

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Helps to nourish body tissues, supports the body development, strengthens the immune system, facilitates sound sleep.

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100 ml, 200 ml

Each ml contains (Qty. in mg or ml)

Brahmi, Shatavari, Gulab-pushpa (Rose-petals) , Manjishtha, Prasarini (Chandvel) , Amla (Amalaki) , Atibala , Anant-mool (Sariva/Upalsari) , Behada (Bibhitak) , Gokshur , Vala , Halad (Haridra) , Kapurkachari (Shati) , Nagakeshar , Jatamansi, Punarnava, Coconut oil, Milk (Kshir)