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Guaranteed 100% pure Saffron without any foreign matter.

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100% pure saffron – Kashmiri Keshar.

Kashmiri Keshar is renowned globally and we at Santulan strive to ensure 100% pure all natural saffron collected from the blossoms of Crocus sativa, the saffron plant. Spice up your milk or rich desserts with the original colour, flavour, and aroma of Saffron. Add it to your face packs or skin care ritual to enhance your beauty with a shining, blemish free skin complexion. Ayurveda praises this royal rasayan as an all-rounder tonic for mind and body health. Rich anti-oxidant, it boosts the immunity and enhances the mood. Beneficial for PMS, hair fall and in morning sickness in pregnancy. As a brain tonic it sharpens the memory and intellect. This golden spice from the wisdom of Ayurveda is a must go to for your dose of energy and wellness.


  • The ‘Golden spice’ is popular for its health benefits and culinary treats
  • Powerhouse of Antioxidants, protects cells from free radicals
  • Immune booster and stress buster
  • Increases vitality, improves metabolism, assists in weight loss
  • Improves mood swings and depressive symptoms
  • Saffron is ‘medhya’, a brain tonic, improves focus, memory and intellect
  • Reduces hair fall and PMS symptoms
  • Improves complexion by blood purification and helps to increase haemoglobin
  • Enhance your beauty, lighten up your skin, reduce acne and dark spots with topical saffron application
  • Beneficial during pregnancy, relieves morning sickness and cramps
  • Spice up your daily cup of milk/chai with saffron or add fragrance and rich flavour to your desserts.

How to use Santulan’s Pure Kashmiri Saffron?

Add a few strands to your cup of milk/chai or water or to your daily nectar-panchamrut

A pinch of Saffron will enhance the colour, flavour and fragrance of your delectable desserts – kheer, sheera, pastry, sweet breads and more

Apply Saffron in milk or sandalwood paste on your face for a brighter, blemish free skin    

All Natural 100% pure Saffron without any foreign matter.

  • Brand: Santulan Ayurveda – Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe’s
  • Product Benefits: Immune Booster, Anti-stress, Mood enhancer, Brain tonic, Dessert enhancer
  • Specific Uses: Anti-oxidant, skin lightener, weight loss, hair loss, mood swings, PMS,
  • Age or Target Audience: All
  • Use for: Wellness and Immunity

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