Communication with the self – The SOM Program

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In this book Shreeguru Balaji identifies why a person who wants to change himself is unable to do so, and connects that cause with the discontent that afflicts all human beings. The fundamental question being answered is, “Who is this self with whom we want to communicate?” He then outlines how to establish such contact and teaches a set of simple practices that will lead to a dialogue between your outer personality and your entity within that opens the doors to both material and spiritual well-being.

Through surprisingly simple analogies Shreeguru Balaji shows in terms easy for the layperson how one can approach the workings of the conscious being and how much we can be in control of this body-brain-self. The journey takes the reader through the elements of this communication, from the benefits of the ’biological language Sanskrit, to the amazing depth of traditional yoga practices and why and how music and mantras together deliver messages to unlock your brain’s potential.

The best part? You don’t need to be an expert at any of these to avail of their benefits. Just follow the SOM Program in the book with the accompanying SOM album and you’ll be on your way to health, prosperity and contentment.

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