San Anjan (Kajal) Clear


A traditional ayurvedic formulation for healthy eyes. It is highly effective in maintaining the health and shine of the eyes. It negates the harmful effects of dust, smoke and pollution on  the eyes. It provides relief from burning sensation, watering and pain in the eyes. It is very useful in young children as well. Available in 3 types- Black, Grey and Clear (especially designed colourless kajal for men).


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De-stressing eyes following continuous reading or working on the computer., Especially developed for men.

Directions for use

Can be applied with the tip of a clean finger on the inner rim of the lower eyelid.


Madhuchchishta, Erand Oil (Castor oil), Coconut Oil, Badam (Almond / Vatad) Oil, Kapur Bhimseni (Kapur) Crystal, Mauktik Pishti, Khus Oil, Ghruta, Hirda (Haritaki) Bal, Hirda (Haritaki) Survari, Amla (Amalaki), Behada (Bibhitak), Maka (Bhrungraj), Yashtimadhu (Jyeshthamadha), Kumari (Aloe), Milk (Kshir)