Brahmaleen Siddha Ghruta


A nourishing medicated ghruta (ghee) for the brain and nerves. Indicated in various disorders of the brain and nervous system such as depression, lack of concentration, dementia, epilepsy, paralysis, delayed mile stones in children.

Key Benefits

  • Nourishes the brain and nerves
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Reduces anxiety, worry, fatigue and stress
  • Ayurvedic Nootropic- recipe to enhance thinking and cognition
  • Enriched with herbs like Brahmi & Shankhapushpi, known to improve memory, focus and concentration
  • Supports mental alertness and acuity
  • Helps rejuvenate and re-build brain tissues
  • Improves speech and intellect
  • Useful for delayed milestones in children
  • Indicated in dementia, lack of concentration, epilepsy, paralysis and degenerative brain or nerve disorders, brain fog, anxiety, depression
  • Excellent Brain Booster and Stress Buster

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Brahmaleen Siddha Ghruta for brain care – Ayurvedic Brain Tonic /Nootropic

A unique combo of medhya(intellect increasing), smruti-vardhak(memory enhancing) herbs that helps to keep the brain smart in health and enhances healing in all types of neurological disorders. The base of Ayurvedic ghruta enhances the bio-availability of the nootropic herbs. Infused with herbs like Brahmi, Bhringraj, Shankhapushpi and more that are known to enhance memory, intellect and focus. A deep acting rejuvenating Ayurvedic recipe for the brain and nerves. Useful in all types of neurological disorders pf the nervous system. Is the Ayurvedic brain booster and stress buster par excellence. Useful in delayed milestones in children. Infused with precious herbs and panchagavya that are beneficial in Alzheimer’s, dementia, epilepsy, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, stress, lack of focus and concentration, depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Dosage: 10 gm or 2 tsp per day preferably on empty stomach with warm water or milk or as directed by the physician.

Ingredients: Ghruta, Gomutra, Kshir, Gomay, Curd, Kamal pushpa, Shankhapushpi, Brahmi, Maka, Amalaki, Yashtimadhu, Vekhand, Vidarikanda, Cinnamon, Shunthi, Vidanga, Clove and Cardamom

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A nourishing medicated ghee specially designed for the care of the brain. It is infused with precious herbs and Panchagavya prescribed in various disorders of the brain and nervous system such as depression, lack of concentration, dementia, epilepsy etc

Dosage Form



10 g (approx. 2 tsp) per day with warm water or warm milk or as directed by the physician


150 g


Ghruta, Milk (Kshir), Gomutra, Curd, Gomay, Kamal (Pundarik)-pushpa, Shankhapushpi, Brahmi, Maka (Bhrungraj), Amla (Amalaki), Yashtimadhu (Jyeshthamadha), Vekhand (Vacha), Vidari (Vidarikanda), Dalchini, Shunthi (Sunth), Vidang (Vavdinga), Lavang (Cloves), Velchi