Baal Guti
Baby Care
₹ 180 
Baalguti is specially formulated from several different medicinal herb and very easy to use/administer for the baby. It gives freedom from the stress of choosing the right ingredients in the correct proportions. This guti helps in the child’s growth, to improve immunity and overall health. It also aids digestion, prevents worms. Overall protection for the baby.
Indications  Indigestion, anorexia, diarrhoea, worms, frequent cold and cough.
Dosage Form  Churna
Dose Mix 80-100mg (approx. 1 pinch) once a day with a few tsp of milk. The effect can be enhanced by also administering ¼ tsp each of a paste of dried dates (Kharik) and almonds. A pinch of powder sugar can be added. Alternatively it can be taken with half tsp of honey.
Pack Size  10 g
Contains Ashwagandha (Askand), Behada (Bibhitak), Hirda (Haritaki), Yashtimadhu (Jyeshthamadha), Kaiphal, Kutaja, Musta (Nagarmotha), Parpat (Parpatak / Pittapapada), Vidang (Vavdinga), Vekhand (Vacha), Ativisha , Dikemali, Halad (Haridra), Jaiphal, Kakadshingi, Murudshenga, Pimpali, Shunthi (Sunth), Maiphal, Sagargota.