San Massage Powder
Skin Care
₹ 240 
A powder prepared from fragrant and complexion improving agents like Ashtagandh and sandalwood. It provides health, shine and flexibility to the skin. It decreases excessive sweating and prevents body odour. It also acts on excess body fat and reduces it. Unlike soap it does not leave the skin dry. This 100% natural product is recommended for every day use and long lasting freshness! 
Indications  Improves the skin complexion and gives a refreshing fragrance.
Dosage Form  Churna
Instruction to use Mix 2–3 Tsp of San Massage Powder with sufficient oil or lukewarm water to form a smooth paste. Apply gently on the body before taking bath or as directed by the physician..
Pack Size  50 g
Contains Kapurkachari (Shati), Anant-mool (Sariva/Upalsari), Vala , Musta (Nagarmotha), Halad (Haridra), Nimba (Kadulimba)-sal, Hirda (Haritaki), Amla (Amalaki), Chandan Shveta, Vekhand (Vacha), Yashtimadhu (Jyeshthamadha), Agaru (Krushna Agaru), Dalchini, Nagakeshar, Keshar (Saffron)