San Amrut
Herbal Brew
₹ 300 
This product has been recently designed by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe especially keeping in mind the current medical pandemic that’s hit the world. It’s a special preparation of thirteen ingredients. Gulvel or Guduchi boosts the immune system in healthy individuals and those with low immunity. The name itself means protection from all diseases. It reduces fever, removes toxins and balances all three doshas. Other than boosting immunity, Tulsi, Sunth, Elaichi and Pepper all work on cough cold asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Jyesthamadha (Licorice), Kantakari, Pushkarmool reduce fever and increase the overall strength of the body.

Dosage : 1 cup of the brew should be taken daily for 25 days

Indications: Low immunity, recurrent Flu or flu- like symptoms- cough, cold, fever, bodyache. Can be taken by Healthcare workers or care givers working with sick patients and have high chances of exposure to infections.