Which therapies do we offer in the Santulan Treatment Programme?

In our Santulan Treatment Programme we are offering a great variety of highly efficient and time proven Ayurvedic therapies. All the oils, ghees and medicines used are produced authentically in our village pharmacy, as per traditional Ayurvedic guidelines.

  •   Abhyanga Massage

    A stimulating, strong but gentle massage. Detoxifying, deeply relaxing, enabling a harmonious flow of pran (vitalising energy) throughout the body.

  •   Svedan

    The application of oil on the body, followed by a steam bath. It allows toxins to be released from the cells, promoting relaxation of the muscles and the entire body.

  •   Antarsnehan

    Intake of a medicated ghee (clarified butter) that is absorbed throughout the body. It removes toxins, creating softness and elasticity throughout the body.

  •   Virechan (purgative)

    Medication for the complete cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract and bowels.

  •   Basti

    Medicated oil with a decoction of herbs is given as an enema to clean the colon and restore the muscle tone.

  •   Hrud Basti

    Especially rejuvenating for the heart. It helps in strengthening the heart muscle and increasing the strength and vitality of the organ. It helps in removing blockages in the arteries and improving circulation.

  •   Shiro Basti

    Special medicated oil is poured into a ’well’ (formed of dough) on the head. An effective therapy in the cases of severe migraine, insomnia, memory improvement etc.

  •   Shiro Dhara

    A steady stream of warm oil is gently poured on the forehead, balancing the space element in the body. Induces deep relaxation and the sense of expansion.

  •   Pinda Svedan

    The synchronised application of a poultice on the body, consisting of rice cooked in a herbal decoction. An effective therapy for treating arthritis, paralysis and muscular disorders.

  •   Sandhi Basti

    A special treatment for strengthening the bones and joints. Used to treat all types of arthritis.

  •   Netra Basti

    A treatment to improve the eyesight. Used in the cases of conjunctivitis, glaucoma and helps to correct long/short-sightedness.

  •   Nasya

    Thorough massage to the head, shoulders and neck, followed by the administration of a medicine through the nose. An effective therapy for sinus inflammations, disturbed memory, irritating sounds in the ear (e.g. tinnitus) and brain problems.

  •   Facial

    A gentle but deeply cleansing and exfoliating massage, with vital ingredients that help to soften, cool and nourish the skin. Stimulates new cell growth, giving the skin a healthy glow.

  •   Kundalini Massage

    You are as young as your spine’, so the first step towards good health is having a healthy spine. This unique yogic massage technique was devised by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe, following many years of expertise in treating chronic back problems. Revitalises the spine and stimulates the circulation throughout the body.

  •   Relaxation Massage

    A gentle and soothing massage. Warm oil and tender and smooth strokes are used, to de-stress your complete body and mind. This Relaxation Massage helps to pacify vata and promotes deep and sound sleep.

  •   Karnapuran

    A gentle massage of the ears and surrounding area, followed by the administration of a warm medicated oil in the ears. Beneficial in treating ear problems.

  •   Padabhyanga

    An ancient therapy which helps to remove the excessive heat and toxins in the body. In this process, the feet are first cleaned with warm water, followed by the application of a medicated ghee and foot massage using a special bowl (kansya - a bronze alloy). Gives many other remarkable results such as, opening the meridians in the body, pacifying vata dosha, enhancing memory, helping to improve the eyesight, helping to remove the burning sensation in the feet and eyes etc..

  •   Foot Reflexology

    As all the body organs have corresponding pressure points on the foot sole, the application of focused pressure on specific marma (reflex) points on the sole, stimulates the functioning of the body organs.

  •   Head Massage

    This relaxing massage with Santulan Village Hair Oil helps to improve the circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth. It improves the luster and the overall health of the hair. This specific therapy helps to relax the body completely and promotes a deep and sound sleep.

  •   Spine Potli

    A warmed poultice consisting of a blend of special herbs is applied on the spinal region. This is a very effective therapy in the cases of degenerative spinal problems, as it nourishes the spinal cord and nerves.

  •   Kati (Spine) Basti

    A localised basti given on the spine, for its strengthening and rejuvenation.

  •   Janu (Knee) Basti

    A warmed poultice consisting of a blend of special herbs is applied on the knees. This is a very effective therapy in the cases of joint degeneration, arthritis, rheumatism as well as increasing the flexibility of the joints.

  •   Uttar Basti

    This therapy is valuable for gynaecological health. It purifies the uterus, regulates menstruation, maintains the balance of the hormones and is especially effective in the cases of bladder and uterine infections.

  •   Uttar Dhoop

    Smoke therapy for the female genital area. Beneficial for uterine health and treatment of mild and chronic infections.

  •   Udvartan

    A re-vitalizing massage with a fragrant, medicinal herbal powder mixture and warm oil. This special massage helps to burn excessive fat, smoothens and rejuvenates the skin.

  •   Health Consultation

    From an individual pulse diagnosis reading, the Ayurvedic doctors determine the constitution and any dosha imbalances, and suggest remedial dietary tips.

  •   Constitution Consultation

    An extensive prakruti parikshan (constitution analysis) and advice programme is also offered.